Each patient will receive a superbill to provide to their insurance company for reimbursement. Click here to access my insurance cheat sheet!

HSA/FSA cards are accepted payment methods for therapy services.

Payment is taken during each therapy session via credit/debit/cash/HSA/FSA card.

Initial Lactation Evaluation

Comprehensive assessment of the babies oral structures, mothers breast, babies latch and ability to sustain a feeding. Evaluation based upon mother and babies concerns. Concerns frequently discussed include: Painful latch, milk supply, clogged ducts, mastitis, pumping, concerns regarding lip/tongue tie, supplementing, building a milk supply when returning to work, weaning.

Home visits offered for the zip codes seen below.


Lactation Package

Lactation evaluation with the addition of two feeding sessions. As breast feeding is an ever evolving process, two additional visits allows for further counseling and sustainable breastfeeding success. Nursing sessions last 45 minutes. Additional visits will be added as needed.


As nursing is a very personal process, home visits will be made to the following zip codes.

76109, 76110, 76116, 76107, 76132